Watchmen and Hellboy producer Lloyd Levin sticks with comics for The Untamed

Veteran producer Lloyd Levin obviously knows his comics -- he's helped make WATCHMEN and the HELLBOY movies a reality (not to mention THE ROCKETEER and MYSTERY MEN).

Now Levin has grabbed THE UNTAMED for feature treatment. The book comes from indie publisher Stranger Comics, and is described as a "dark fantasy revenge tale" about a mysterious man who makes a deal to get out of Hell seeking vengeance for the death of his family. Seven souls for seven days.

The comic's writer Sebastian A. Jones did the script, and the movie will be the directing debut of Andrew Cosby, who carries his fair share of geek cred -- he co-founded the ever-expanding comic publisher Boom! Studios, and co-created the Syfy series "Eureka". Also a longtime writer, Cosby has own comic DAMN NATION, set after a vampire apocalypse, currently being adapted into a live-action Paramount movie.

The modestly budgeted project has already reeled in FX supervisor Ken Locsmandi, who has worked on everything from FIGHT CLUB and THE MATRIX to JUNO and DATE NIGHT.

Extra Tidbit: You can check out THE UNTAMED comic online RIGHT HERE



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