Watchmen Contest!

Hey, remember that film called WATCHMEN, that will likely be the coolest film of 2009? Well what if I told you that you could be in that movie in some way? I'm not talking about a weakness that I have detected in the security on the set (why, have you heard something?), I'm talking about a sweet contest that Zack Snyder is running. Basically, the deal is that you will make an advert for Veidt Enterprises and if it's good enough, it will end up in the feature film. All the materials, and the instructions are over HERE.

And don't worry if your advert doesn't cut it; I have a pretty good idea on how we can sneak in anyway. It involves a pair of gardening shears, a step-ladder, a live marmot, and definitely someone who can accurately scissor kick a security guard in the face. If are or have any of those things, let me know.
Extra Tidbit: If you were wondering, Zack is sporting the 'just left Survivor island' look.
Source: Youtube



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