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Watchmen figures


Zack Snyder has been slowly tricking juicy morsels to the fans for his upcoming adaptation of seminal comic tale WATCHMEN, but it's DC Comics who have given us a good look at the morph-masked vigilante Rorschach.

DC has released several pics of upcoming figures and busts based on likenesses from the production, so if you wanted to know what Malin Akerman might look like in plastic effigy, here you go! Click 'em for better looks (and other characters like Nite Owl), though no figure for Comedian yet. Bummer. Dr. Manhattan will be unveiled at Comic Con this July (along with plenty of other treats from the movie, no doubt), and the flick itself hits next March.

Schach Fu

Ak Fu

Ab Fu

Extra Tidbit: The sci-fi site io9.com has a SPOILER PACKED article on what the changes between the movie and the source material may be. Check it RIGHT HERE if you dare.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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