Watchmen Part 2??

Unlike FRIDAY THE 13TH, Zack Snyder's upcoming WATCHMEN probably isn't going to get a sequel. But that doesn't mean that some studio executive haven't at least thought of the idea. Snyder spoke to the New York Times and revealed what he thinks happenins after WATCHMEN ends:

I was going to make a thing called Planet Rorschach. So you see this planet, and it’s covered with New York City. It’s like a planet of New York City. There’s no suburbs. There’s one giant Empire State Building, like Mount Olympus, in the middle of it. And hovering above the needle is Manhattan, blue, glowing. But the planet’s going, “Hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm, hurm.” You can’t tell, it’s this big, deafening, “Hurm.” And as you get close, you go down into the city and the whole world is populated with Rorschachs. And they’re all bumping into each other, going, “Hurm, hurm, no compromise, hurm, hurm, Armageddon.” That’s basically it.

Snyder adds that he told WB, "Is that the movie you guys want to make?," which I'm sure was met with a resounding "NO." But that was the plan for a short comic tie-in that never materialized. Dave Gibbons was to do the art but, for whatever reason, that never happened. And for those really worried about a WATCHMEN sequel, Snyder says he would never do it and he highly doubts they would get any of the actors to return. Phew.

You can read the entire interview with Snyder here.

Extra Tidbit: And yeah, I'm running out of WATCHMEN pics to add to my stories...
Source: NY Times



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