Watchmen triple dip

WATCHMEN If you love the upcoming WATCHMEN adaptation then you're going to absolutely love the fact that, in an effort to boost DVD sales with the rising popularity of Blu-ray, Warner Bros. plans on releasing no less than three separate WATCHMEN DVD's in quick succession. The film itself would be the first, the movie-within-a-movie, TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER, which was originally supposed to be live action but which will now be an animated film, would be the second and the third would be an "ultimate" edition combining the two. And as if all that WATCHMEN DVD goodness wasn't enough, the studio plans on releasing 22 to 26 minute webisodes titled the "Watchmen Motion Comic,” which will be "panel-by-panel slide shows of the graphic novel narrated by an actor" in order to fully flesh out the story for those not familiar with comic and although no decisions have been made, they'll more than likely land on DVD. That's right, quadruple dip. All probably in the same year. Read more about it HERE. The film will be release March 6th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Check out pics of a new book by "Watchmen" comic artist Dave Gibbons on the genesis of the comic and characters over HERE.
Source: NY Times



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