Watchmen updates

Dark Horizons have a cool discussion with Zack Snyder about WATCHMEN over HERE. In the talks, Snyder discusses everything from working on the soundtrack, to the film's running time. He also talks about the reaction from the recent test screenings, saying:

"We had the best test scores in the history of Warner Bros. with '300' and I kept telling them look the movie is not like 300, don't think that it is - it's not going to be the same experience. Some people are going to go 'what the f**k is this' and I go that's ok. That's the thing that you fight... The one thing that was cool was that anyone who had read the graphic novel who was at the screening rated the film 'excellent', for me I'm like 'I'm done'."

Let's face it, after this is done Snyder is gonna be able to greenlight whatever the hell he wants. And I'm not saying power is something everyone should abuse, but someone should, right? James Cameron and Peter Jackson and all those guys should continue to make great films where possible, but someone, just someone, should take their power and make a silent piece starring Carrot Top about a dude born with koala bears for feet, or something. Just because they could. I think that would rock.
Extra Tidbit: I love Simon Pegg but I'm glad he isn't playing Rorshach as was possible when Greengrass was directing.
Source: Dark Horizons



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