Watchmen wraps

Just to keep you guys in the loop, WATCHMEN is about to wrap. How do we know this? Well let's just say that Carla Gugino takes a strictly business attitude with her pillow-talk. Actually Exec Producer Herb Gaines wrote about it, but Gugino totally told me too. She also said I have an ass like a ripe nectarine, but that's neither here nor there...

"I think back to January 2007 when I first met Zack and he walked me through his drawings for the title sequence. I remember my initial reaction was, How can we shoot all of it? Why do we have to shoot all that? And if we do, how do we shoot all of it? We spent the next two months scouting, researching and budgeting locations all over the world, including Australia, London, Prague, Spain -- at one point we even considered New York -- and, of course, Los Angeles.

I now sit in my Vancouver hotel room one year later, and guess what? We did shoot all of it -- every frame of it, and not just the title sequence drawings but all of Zack's drawings are now committed to film. The combination of modern-day technology and the level of artistic ability of so many people has made the Watchmen experience second to none. The spirit behind the making of this film was nothing short of total pleasure and love. As I wandered from room to room at the wrap party, there was not only a sense of accomplishment from everyone involved but a feeling of sadness that it's coming to an end. The one thing that remains for me is the anticipation and excitement of seeing the finished product, knowing that we’ve all worked on something very special."

How excited are we for this? Pretty excited I should think. I know Snyder has some proving to do, but the source material is like the greatest thing ever, and the talent involved is stellar. Who the hell ever thought someone could get a major studio to sign off on Jackie Earle Haley to star in a big budget superhero movie?
Extra Tidbit: Sam Hamm wrote an unused script for WATCHMEN. Say it fast - it is the best name ever. Sam ham. Sam ham. No?
Source: WarnerBros



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