Watson loves Napoleon

Emma Watson Realizing it'll be quite the uphill battle getting people to accept her as anyone other than Hermione Granger, which may in turn lead to a series of flops, a serious depression, a rehab stint and a short-lived but triumphant comeback in her mid-40s, petite British cutie Emma Watson is starting to pick up non HARRY POTTER projects right now. She's recently signed on to play the titular role in the upcoming romantic drama NAPOLEON AND BETSY. Written and directed by Benjamin Ross, in it, she'll play a girl who's stranded on the British Isle of St. Helena and finds herself falling in love with a stumpy Frenchman named Napoleon. She's stepping in for Scarlett Johansson, though Johansson will remain on the project as producer. Production is expected to begin in the fall, just before Watson begins filming the first part of final installment in the POTTER franchise, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. Watson can, of course, next be seen in HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, which is scheduled for release November 21st.

Extra Tidbit: Watson recently turned 18 and now has access to the 20 million dollar+ fortune she's amassed doing the HARRY POTTER films. Hell of a way to celebrate a birthday.



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