Watson's Potter enhancements

I really don't want to report this like The Movie Blog has, not because I have anything against the site or the writers over there, but because I just refuse to accept that studios and humanity in general have stooped so low as to enhance Emma Watson's breasts for the IMAX HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX poster.

Instead, this article will be about how Emma Watson's bust has been reduced for the new IMAX posters, as studios were worried that the shape of a 17-year old girl being a selling-point was border-line creepy. That is of course, very possibly a complete fabrication, but I prefer the version of the world where studios aren't willing to juice up a picture of a barely legal school-girl in order to sell more tickets. Sure, the movie isn't going to make as much money as SPIDERMAN 3, but it's still going to do obscene business, I really don't think a compromise of ethics is necessary. Either way, Emma Watson isn't unattractive, so... No! That doesn't make it okay. I'm going to leave it there.



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