WB hides in time

As if to further support my assertion that the comic industry basically still exists just to supply material for Hollywood (on average, at least one new, existing or even unreleased comic property per day is bought or optioned for film or television) comes yet another announcement.

Warner Bros. has grabbed the rights to the Image sci-fi/action miniseries HIDING IN TIME, and already has screenwriter Beau Thorne pecking at the adaptation. Thorne most recently helped bring the violent videogame MAX PAYNE to life for Mark Wahlberg.

The comic's TIMECOP-esque story screams of "make me a movie" high-concept: In the near future, the Witness Protection Program will relocate people throughout time to ensure their safety. But when hired assassins begin finding and killing them, Nathan Crew – a simple technician in the now-defunct Time Portal Division of the WPP – is forced to travel back in time to try and stop the atrocities!
Extra Tidbit: Pardon me, I really have to finish working on these comic projects. I'll let you know when the announcements hit the trades.



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