WB hires a writer for Green Lantern sequel

Back in June it was announced that Greg Berlanti, who wrote the script for GREEN LANTERN, would be working on a treatment for a sequel to the film. This was even as filming on the project had barely begun. But Warner Bros and DC really are bullish on a second GREEN LANTERN and have now hired a writer to expand on the ideas in Berlanti's treatment.

Michael Goldenberg, who wrote HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and did an uncredited rewrite on the first GREEN LANTERN, has been hired to write the script for the next LANTERN film. I know Warner Bros. is very excited by what they have with GREEN LANTERN (even if what they had at Comic-Con didn't blow audiences away) so I'm not necessary surprised they're already actively developing the sequel. This seems to be the smarter move instead of Marvel's process, which seems to have rushed films and scripts into production.

GREEN LANTERN recently wrapped filming in Louisiana and is set for release on June 17. The studio hasn't yet set a date for the next film but I'd expect to hear something about a summer 2013 date soon.

Of course the obvious question is what storyline the sequel will follow. It was hinted at Comic-Con that we'll see Star Sapphire and the evolution of Sinestro. Will we see more of the Green Lantern corps playing an active role?

Extra Tidbit: Do you think DC will be able to pull off a JUSTICE LEAGUE style movie like what Marvel is doing with THE AVENGERS?
Source: Variety



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