WB plans a new Al Capone biopic

There have been no shortage of films about or featuring Al Capone but that's not stopping Warner Bros. from taking another crack at the famous gangster. The studio has set up CICERO, a project that would follow Capone's rise from a Brooklyn kid to the head of organized crime in Prohibition-era Chicago. The film takes its name from the small town in suburban Illinois where Capone set up shop.

While PUBLIC ENEMIES took a more modern look at famous criminals, CICERO is expected to be more of a throwback to classic gangster films like ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES and Edward G. Robinson's "yeahhhh see!" classic LITTLE CAESAR.

While Capone has been a feature in many films (most memorable in recent times for De Niro's baseball bat wielding version in THE UNTOUCHABLES), he hasn't been the subject of a biopic since 1975's CAPONE, which starred Ben Gazzara and Sylvester Stallone (yeah, seriously).

CICERO was written by Walon Green, a veteran writer/producer on TV series like "Law and Order," "ER" and "NYPD Blue." So far no director is attached.

Extra Tidbit: I tried to find that clip of Mr. Burns trying to do the Al Capone baseball bat beating but couldn't find it. :(
Source: Variety



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