WB's new Terminator

The humanity-hating cyborg spawn of SkyNet are definitely returning, and Warner Bros. has them (in North America, anyway). The studio will distribute TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, which is apparently the fairly awful title of the next flick in the newly jump-started franchise.

The property owners Halcyon intend for the movie to be the first in a new trilogy, set in the grim post-T3 future where mankind fights against armies of cold murderous machinery. The screenplay comes from TERMINATOR 3 writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris, so your interest will vary based on what you thought of that non-Cameron affair.

The plan is to get cameras rolling in early 2008 (for a Summer 2009 release) and director McG is still being eyeballed to get the CyberDyne Systems assembly line operational, but no final decision has been made. It's also unknown if the 800 Series (Model 101) Arnold Schwarzenegger will make an appearance, or at least lend his likeness.
Extra Tidbit: Warner Bros. is also behind the upcoming Fox series THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, detailing the life of future freedom fighter John after the events of T2.
Source: Variety



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