We Interview Pawn Sacrifice Director Edward Zwick & Michael Stuhlbarg!

Legendary chess champion Bobby Fischer is a fascinating character. And in the latest look at Fischer and the paranoia that fueled him, director Edward Zwick has created the powerful PAWN SACRIFICE. It is a compelling feature, and when we recently spoke to the director, he discussed taking on the project. With a terrific performance from Tobey Maguire, this is a fascinating story exporing the historic chess match between America and the Soviet Empire. During our conversation, Zwick discussed the importance of finding the right actor, as well, he teased a little of what is to come when the filmmaker takes on JACK REACHER 2.

Another part of the puzzle that helped create this compelling story are the co-stars. The incredibly talented Michael Stuhlbarg is excellent as an attorney who pushes Bobby Fischer to beat the Soviet players. It is always a pleasure to watch this incredible actor disappear into a role. And he is terrific here. When we sat down together and discussed the film, he talked about which role he was originally up for as well as working on this impressive project. PAWN SACRIFICE is currently playing a theatre near you and it is worth making the move to see.

Source: JoBlo.com



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