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We3 director?


KUNG FU PANDA turned out to be a cute anthropomorphic action flick, and now it sounds like that movie's director wants to take that kind of material to the next level.

STYD says that PANDA director John Stevenson is attached to the live-action adaptation of the Vertigo comic We3. The miniseries, by veteran writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, involves a rogue trio of government-created, highly weaponized cyborg pets and their massively destructive quest to find their way home.

The project itself is in search of a home -- it was previously set up at the now-condensed New Line. Don Murphy (SHOOT 'EM UP) is producing, with the intention of making a hard R-rated movie in the same violent mode as the source material.

Extra Tidbit: Morrison and Quitely also teamed on the relaunch of Marvel's X-MEN book, an acclaimed run on the title with a more contemporary take on the characters in the wake of the first movie.
Source: STYD



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