Weaving is Megatron

There's been major speculation on who will voice Megatron in Michael Bay's big-screen update of TRANSFORMERS. We all know that Peter Cullen is returning from the original series to reprise his role as the vocal chords of Optimus Prime, so it only makes sense to go a similar route with Megatron, right? That was the original plan, as Frank Welker was set to return as the voice of the Decepticon leader, but then in January Hugo Weaving was suddenly thrown into the mix, and it's been back and forth ever since.

Did Frank Welker really stand a chance against Weaving? The original voice of Megatron is more badass than anything I ever hope to achieve, but you're in summer blockbuster territory sir, and you're up against Agent Smith, against V, against Elrond. So with that, IESB is reporting that Weaving has finally been confirmed as the voice of Megatron. Many of you will be no doubt disappointed that Cullen and Welker won't be doing vocal battle once again, but you have to admit that Weaving is a solid choice.

Anyone who saw V FOR VENDETTA has witnessed the imposing nature of Weaving's voice, and I'll be damned if his "Mr. Anderson" hasn't already achieved iconic status. True, Welker's Megatron will be missed, but he also provided the voices for Soundwave and Galvatron in the series, so chances are he'll show up in some form or another. TRANSFORMERS will transform you this Independence Day (that's July 4th for all you non-patriots).
Extra Tidbit: Frank Welker has done over 1,200 voices in film, television and video games, and is referred to as a "voice acting god" on the DVD commentary for Futurama.
Source: IESB



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