Webb plays Ball?

Once upon a time, there was a lot of drama in Hollywood and on the interwebs about a movie called MONEYBALL. It had a bankable cast including Brad Pitt and Demetri Martin and an Oscar-winning director. But for reasons that still appear to be up for debate, the project was put on hold shortly before principal photography was about it begin. Soderbergh left the project and Sony Pictures has been looking for a new director ever since. Enter: Marc Webb?

Webb, the 500 DAYS OF SUMMER director, is reportedly one of the top candidates to direct the film along with CAPOTE director Bennett Miller. Webb may have the inside track, as THR notes, because he brings a certain amount of style, something Sony execs would be looking for to spruce up a film that relies heavily on baseball and math. That said, Webb has a number of other projects in the works (including a remake of the Danish thriller JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY) and may not be ready to commit to MONEYBALL as quickly as Sony would like him to. All this said, MONEYBALL isn't out yet and the project will eventually see the light of day...

Extra Tidbit: How about Roland Emmerich's MONEYBALL?
Source: THR



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