Webb's next Love Story

While I didn't love 500 DAYS OF SUMMER like some people did, I really enjoyed it and almost immediately afterward began thinking about what director Marc Webb would do for his follow-up. 500 DAYS is such a confident directorial debut, I know he'll take a huge step forward with his next film. Turns out his next film is another love story. OK, let me rephrase that: another LOVE STORY. Webb will direct the English-language remake of the Danish thriller JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY, which is anything but the sunny romance of 500 DAYS.

The film stars a man who witnesses a car crash and visits the victim in the hospital. Her family is in the room and immediately assumes him to be the boyfriend. He doesn't deny this and when she comes to, she can't remember much of anything. As he cares for her, they fall in love, which is all well and good until her actual, and slightly psychotic, boyfriend shows up.

Webb has also been talking to Universal about remaking JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and with Fox on the thriller AGE OF RAGE. It's unclear at this point which project would come first but it seems that LOVE STORY could be in the pole position.

Extra Tidbit: Did I just say Pole Position?
Source: THR



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