Weekend Box-Office: April 16-18, 2010

UPDATE: That's two weeks in a row now that we have to go to the Monday "photo finish", and this time it appears as though KICK-ASS actually was the #1 movie this past weekend, grossing $19.8M compared to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON's $19.6M. Very close, but KICK-ASS did indeed kick DRAGON ass. Remember that Sunday's figures are always the "estimates" and Monday's are the "actuals".


Dragon returns to the #1 spot?!

Well, this is a rarity! Despite opening in the #1 spot three weeks ago, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON had fallen off into 3rd place last weekend, but surprisingly took over the #1 spot again this weekend, despite KICK-ASS finishing less than $200,000 off the mark. Just like last weekend though, it's to note that these figures are only "estimates" today, so once the "actual" numbers are announced on Monday, things may change as they did last week (when DATE NIGHT was originally announced as the #1 movie, but was switched to CLASH OF THE TITANS on Monday).

As per your reviews and feedback though, KICK-ASS may have a DRAGON in its pants as well, as the film received plenty of affection from its target audience. Many expected it to finish with higher numbers, but the film's R-rating may be affecting the number of younger kids who are able to see it. That said, only the coming weeks will let us know if the film lasts long at the box-office or if it becomes a one-week wonder. When you consider that Lionsgate only paid $25M for the film's rights though, I think they're already pretty happy with the results so far.

On the other hand, DEATH AT A FUNERAL fared "okay" with a fourth place opening of around $17M, despite a pretty hefty cast which included Chris Rock (will he ever make a really good comedy movie??), Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence. The two films to get booted from the top 10 this week include LETTERS FROM GOD ($2M) and DIARY OF A WIMPY KID ($57M). In the meantime, CLASH OF THE TITANS became the 3rd highest grossing movie of the year so far, and DATE NIGHT hit the $50M mark within the first 10 days of its release.

Next week sees the release of two new films, including the A-TEAM look-a-like entitled THE LOSERS, as well as the return of the Latina bootie herself aka Jennifer Lopez in something called THE BACK-UP PLAN. Will audiences still give a shit about the seemingly irrelevant J-Lo? I guess we'll find out next week!

1. Kick-Ass $ 19.8 Million
2. How to Train... $ 19.6 Million $ 158.3 Million
3. Date Night $ 16.7 Million $ 48.7 Million
4. Death at a Funeral $ 16.2 Million
5. Clash of the Titans $ 15.4 Million $ 132.6 Million
6. The Last Song $ 5.8 Million $ 50 Million
7. Why Did I Get... $ 4.2 Million $ 54.9 Million
8. Hot Tub Time Machine $ 3.5 Million $ 42.5 Million
9. Alice in Wonderland $ 3.5 Million $ 324 Million
10. The Bounty Hunter $ 3.2 Million $ 60.4 Million




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