Weekend Box-Office: August 6-8, 2010


The Other Guys take the #1 spot...

After 3 weeks in the #1 spot, Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION was finally bounced from the top by the latest Adam McKay/Will Ferrell collaboration entitled THE OTHER GUYS, which managed a solid opening of $36M, which was in line with their previous flicks together (STEP BROTHERS ($31M), TALLADEGA NIGHTS ($47M), ANCHORMAN ($28M). It will be interesting to see if this film has legs and will beat the champion from their previous work together, which was TALLADEGA NIGHTS with $148M in total. It was Ferrell's 2nd highest opening gross of all time after TALLADEGA.

In the meantime, INCEPTION is closing in on the $230M mark, and currently sits in 6th place on the 2010 top grossing movies list, right behind SHREK FOREVER AFTER with $237M. TOY STORY 3, despite slowly creeping out of the top 10, is now closing in on the $403M mark (only $7M to go), which would place it in 9th place on the all-time domestic gross list (that's right, all-time, not just this year).

If you're wondering how STEP UP 3D did versus its previous two incarnations (firstly, I would ask you WHY you care....), the first STEP UP opened with $21M and made $65M overall, while the sequel (the awesomely titled STEP UP 2 THE STREETS) opened with $19M and made $58M in total. The good news for non-STEP UP fans is that this third part grossed the least of the three films so far, so hopefully we won't have to endure a possible fourth STEP UP 4 DA FUN or some shit.

Angelina Jolie's SALT continued on its merry way, dropping only one spot from 3rd to 4th place this week and closing in on the $100M mark (this would be her 7th $100M+ movie versus 9 $100M+ movies for her baby-daddy Brad Pitt), while DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS was the film that lost the 2nd most ground from last weekend (CHARLIE ST. CLOUD lost 62% of its audience, while SCHMUCKS lost 55%), dropping from 2nd place to 5th place. The three films to get bounced from the top 10 this week include GROWN UPS ($156M), THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE ($57M) and ECLIPSE ($293M)

BTW, despite some pretty bad reviews, GROWN UPS is Adam Sandler's 4th highest grossing movie of his career, but even crazier than that, it's actually only $8M away from being his highest grossing movie of all-time! (BIG DADDY ($163M), THE WATERBOY ($161M), THE LONGEST YARD ($158M), GROWN UPS ($156M). So far, 13 of you have posted your own reviews of the film on MOVIE FAN CENTRAL with an average score of 5/10.

Next weekend is probably the most highly anticipated weekend of the summer movie season on JoBlo.com as both Sylvester Stallone's awesome-looking action flick filled with action stars entitled THE EXPENDABLES finally gets released, and fanboy fave writer/director Edgar Wright also unleashes his latest cinematic creation, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, onto the world! For non-fanboys, EAT, PRAY, LOVE featuring Julia Roberts looking happy and traveling the world is also being released. And so the big question obviously has to be: what film will you be checking out next weekend? THE EXPENDABLES or SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD? VOTE HERE!!!

1. The Other Guys $ 35.6 Million
2. Inception $ 18.6 Million $ 227.7 Million
3. Step Up 3D $ 15.5 Million
4. Salt $ 11.1 Million $ 91.9 Million
5. Dinner for Schmucks $ 10.5 Million $ 46.7 Million
6. Despicable Me $ 9.4 Million $ 209.4 Million
7. Cats & Dogs:... $ 6.9 Million $ 26.4 Million
8. Charlie St. Cloud $ 4.7 Million $ 23.5 Million
9. Toy Story 3 $ 3 Million $ 396.3 Million
10. The Kids are All Right $ 2.6 Million $ 14 Million




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