Weekend Box-Office: December 10-12, 2010


Narnia. The Tourist. Yawwwn... 

Despite the latest CHRONICLES OF NARNIA flick opening in 1st place this past weekend, the weekend as a whole was pretty disappointing with both NARNIA and the movie opening in second place, THE TOURIST, scoring less than anticipated numbers. With the latter film costing $100M to produce, and the latest "adventures of the talking lion" costing $155M to make, much was expected from both films, closer to the $30-40M opening weekend range.

Coincidentally enough, both movies got rocked by critics with NARNIA scoring only 50% positive notices from critics according to Rotten Tomatoes, while only 20% of critics recommended the Depp/Jolie vehicle (this film scored an average of 4.5/10 on the MFC). As for NARNIA's $25M opening, you might think I'm out to lunch when I say that it was "disappointing", but when you consider the film's budget and even more importantly, the franchise's previous #1 openings, you might think different. The original NARNIA flick opened with $65M back in 2005 (ended with $291M), while its sequel opened with an equally impressive $55M three years later (that said, that film only ended up with $142M when all was said and done).

The film that scored the most impressive placement in this week's top 10 was Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN, which entered the list in 6th spot, despite showing in only 90 theaters!! (in contrast, the average number of theaters for the rest of the top 10 films was about 2,900) Needless to say, it also scored the highest average-per-theater amount, which was close to $37,000 per theater (compared to about $7,000 per theater for the NARNIA movie). There were no other major surprises in the top 10 although Disney's TANGLED managed to cross the $100M mark, even though it dropped into third place this weekend.

The two films to get booted from the top 10 this week, both had disappointing theater runs, but may find more interest on home video. The first film was FASTER ($21M), which only had a $24M budget, so it probably won't lose money for the studio, but was still a pretty big disappointment as the Rock tried to get back into the action genre. The second film was THE NEXT THREE DAYS ($20M), which also didn't cost too much to make ($30M), but can't bode well for Russell Crowe's appeal as a lead actor in upcoming films, as this would be his 3rd thriller in a row that makes less than $40M at the box-office (STATE OF PLAY - $37M, BODY OF LIES - $39M). Granted, ROBIN HOOD did make over $100M last summer, but that franchise already has a built-in audience, so I'm not sure how much of that I would attribute to Crowe's presence in the film.

Next weekend finally sees the release of a film that we've been covering for over two years now (since they first showed us a preview clip at Comic Con 2008) and that is TRON: LEGACY, which so far, is garnering decent word of mouth, more so for its awesome visuals, than anything else, of course. The greatly praised THE FIGHTER will also be opening wider, so many more of you will be able to go check that out, while James L. Brooks' latest entitled HOW DO YOU KNOW looks a lot more like his last turd SPANGLISH than any of his previous insightful dramedies (I've seen tons of clips from this one and it just doesn't look interesting, funny or insightful). Oh and YOGI F*CKIN' BEAR is also being released for kids and stoners, I assume. This week's POLL asks you how much $$$ you think TRON: LEGACY will bring in next weekend? VOTE NOW!!!

1. The Chronicles of... $ 24.5 Million
2. The Tourist $ 17 Million
3. Tangled $ 14.6 Million $ 115.6 Million
4. Harry Potter and... $ 8.5 Million $ 257.7 Million
5. Unstopppable $ 3.8 Million $ 74.3 Million
6. Black Swan $ 3.3 Million $ 5.6 Million
7. Burlesque $ 3.2 Million $ 32.6 Million
8. Love and Other Drugs $ 3 Million $ 27.6 Million
9. Due Date $ 2.5 Million $ 94.9 Million
10. Megamind $ 2.5 Million $ 140.2 Million




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