Weekend Box-Office: December 24-26, 2010


Terrible reviews can't stop The Fockers

Despite a Rotten Tomatoes rating that was somehow less than both YOGI BEAR and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, the third Focker movie, LITTLE FOCKERS, opened in the #1 slot over the Christmas weekend with $34 million. Add to that the box-office from Wednesday and Thursday and the film has made $48.3 million in five days. It was enough to get win the weekend but an otherwise soft performance below expectations from the studio (MEET THE FOCKERS opened to $46 million in three days).

While you might wonder why so many people saw a movie so many people thought was so bad, take heart in knowing that a lot of people saw TRUE GRIT, a movie many people thought was very good. The western brought in $25.6 million this weekend, well-surpassing expectations and giving Joel and Ethan Coen their biggest ever opening weekend.

While the above-average returns were great news for Jeff Bridges, it was also bad news for Jeff Bridges as TRON: LEGACY, which was expected to finish in 2nd place, dropped to third with a $20.1 million take. For what it's worth, TRON did perform strongly throughout the week and has $88 million in 10 days of release.

While TRON may not be performing as well as Disney had hoped, it's nothing compared to the disappointment of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. The Fox-released fantasy film with a budget of over $100 million brought in a paltry $7.2 million and didn't even finish in the Top 5 (it eventually landed in 7th place), despite the added 3D ticket prices.

In limited release, BLACK SWAN continues to impress bringing in $6.6 million in less than 1500 theaters and almost beat out GULLIVER'S (which would've been a huge embarrassment for Fox). THE KING'S SPEECH also had a strong performance with $4.6 million in just 700 theaters.

Next weekend is another holiday weekend but New Years is a wasteland as far as new releases go. Only the Weinstein Co.'s BLUE VALENTINE is hitting theaters in a limited release. So do you think FOCKERS can hold strong or will bad word of mouth drag it down? Can Oscar contenders TRUE GRIT or BLACK SWAN power their way to the top? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Little Fockers $ 34 Million $ 48.3 Million
2. True Grit $ 25.6 Million $ 36.8 Million
3. Tron: Legacy $ 20.1 Million $ 88.3 Million
4. Chronicles of Narnia $ 10.8 Million $ 63.9 Million
5. Yogi Bear $ 8.8 Million $ 36.8 Million
6. The Fighter $ 8.5 Million $ 27.6 Million
7. Gulliver's Travels $ 7.2 Million
8. Black Swan $ 6.6 Million $ 29 Million
9. Tangled $ 6.5 Million $ 143.8 Million
10. The Tourist $ 5.7 Million $ 41.2 Million


Source: JoBlo.com



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