Weekend Box-Office: December 3-5, 2010


Tangled slips into first place...

As per many of Disney's previous animated concoctions, TANGLED started off decently in 2nd place last weekend, but continued strongly into its second week as it surpassed the British wizard kid into first place with close to $22M this weekend. Disney's kid flicks are known to "have legs" and it doesn't look like TANGLED will be any different, as it eases closer to the $100M mark after 10 days of release.

That said...the rest of this week's movies made dogshit money as this weekend qualified as the 2nd WORST WEEKEND of the entire year in terms of receipts, with just $88M generated over the entire weekend. Not sure why none of the studios decided to release any new movies this past weekend (and yeah, I'm not counting THE WARRIOR'S WAY), but I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

The good news concerning peeps for whom we carry a torch around these parts came courtesy of Darren Aronofsky's limited release of BLACK SWAN, which debuted on only 18 theaters this past weekend, yet grossed close to $1.4M (it opened in 13th place) which came out to an average of about $78,000 per theater, which is a new record for distributor Fox Searchlight, topping the likes of JUNO, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, SIDEWAYS and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. It also turned into the 2nd best limited release flick of the year, behind last weekend's THE KING'S SPEECH, which had generated $88,000 per theater at the time. No word on when BLACK SWAN will be released wide, but it should be soon enough...

The one film that got booted from the top 10 this week was MORNING GLORY, which currently sits at $29M in grosses in total.

Next weekend sees the release of two major releases including the latest in the CHRONIC-WHAT CLES OF NARNIA and a film that I would have assumed I would be more excited about, especially since it stars Johnny Depp and Angelia Jolie and is set in Venice, THE TOURIST, but somehow the trailers for the film haven't done all that much for me. But with the December Oscar releases also rolling out this weekend, what December release would you most want to see? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Tangled $ 21.5 Million $ 96.5 Million
2. Harry Potter and... $ 16.7 Million $ 244.2 Million
3. Unstopppable $ 6.1 Million $ 68.9 Million
4. Burlesque $ 6.1 Million $ 26.9 Million
5. Love and Other Drugs $ 5.7 Million $ 22.6 Million
6. Megamind $ 5 Million $ 136.7 Million
7. Due Date $ 4.2 Million $ 90.9 Million
8. Faster $ 3.8 Million $ 18.1 Million
9. The Warrior's Way $ 3.1 Million
10. The Next Three Days $ 2.7 Million $ 18.4 Million




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