Weekend Box-Office: January 1-3, 2010


AVATAR = 1 BILLION $$$$!!!

Seriously, will anyone EVER doubt James Cameron and his big budget movies ever again!?! The man takes 10 years off after putting together the highest-grossing motion picture of all-time in TITANIC, then returns to the big-screen with an "odd looking" sci-fi picture featuring really tall blue creatures and after only 17 days, AVATAR has already grossed over 1 BILLION dollars around the world, is the 4th highest grossing worldwide movie of all-time (yes, it's made more than THE DARK KNIGHT already!) and sits in 15th place domestically. Oh, and it's still at #1 on the box-office charts, so God knows how much further it can go now!

And look at its consistency over the first 3 weekends of North American release. Weekend 1 ($75M). Weekend 2 ($73M). Weekend 3 ($68M). Anyone else seeing a pattern? The film has become a juggernaut-and-a-half while mowing down its competition and skeptics alike and now vying to break the $500M domestic gross mark, if not more? (only TITANIC and THE DARK KNIGHT have grossed more than that)

The rest of the top 10 stayed pretty much the same as last weekend (in fact, they were the exact same 10 movies as last week), although with a couple of minor moves up/down. Both SHERLOCK HOLMES and ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS 2 also continued to do brisk business, while flying past the $100M mark respectively like it was a pit-stop on their way to the more serious $200M marker. And speaking of $200M, Sandra Bullock and THE BLIND SIDE finally managed to surpass that lauded point, which also happens to be Bullock's first movie ever to pass that mark (THE PROPOSAL was her 2nd highest grossing picture at $163M).

Next week finally sees the release of some new movies (feels like forever since we got some new blood!), but as we all know by now, the first week of January is usually reserved for "dump movies", so let's not get our hopes too high.

First up is a film that does actually look pretty cool in DAYBREAKERS, which our man Chris Bumbray reviewed and enjoyed. Same can be said about Michael Cera's YOUTH IN REVOLT, which has a pretty funny red-band trailer and also got a pretty sweet review from our man Bumbray. LEAP YEAR, on the other hand, starring the adorable Amy Adams...meh. Oh, and if you're lucky enough to be in one of the "limited cities" in which BITCH SLAP is being presented...well, that flick doesn't look too shabby either, especially in the boobage area!

But the big news of the weekend (and maybe the entire year) is how amazing Jimmy Cameron's AVATAR has been performing so far. So how well do you think it can ultimately do? $500M? $600M? $700M?!?! VOTE HERE!

1. Avatar $68.3 Million $352.1 Million
2. Sherlock Holmes $38.3 Million $140.6 Million
3. Alvin and the... $36.6 Million $157.3 Million
4. It's Complicated $18.7 Million $59.1 Million
5. The Blind Side $12.6 Million $209 Million
6. Up in the Air $11.3 Million $45 Million
7. The Princess and... $10 Million $86 Million
8. Did You Hear about... $5.2 Million $25.6 Million
9. Nine $4.2 Million $14 Million
10. Invictus $4.1 Million $30.7 Million


Extra Tidbit: And Mr. Cameron, you keep being an "asshole" to those Ebay-autograph seekers as well, my good man. We all know very well that that asshole wasn't a "real fan". You da mac.



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