Weekend Box-Office: January 22-24, 2010


I've run out of 'clever titles' for how great AVATAR is doing...

It's easy for a lot of people to say NOW that they "always knew" that AVATAR would make so much money, or that it would beat TITANIC's records, but the truth is that nobody really saw this coming, as only 8% of you thought the film would gross over $600M back on December 20th when we asked you that very question in our MOVIE POLL. In fact, most of you (60%) thought that it would make between $300-400M. Well, I guess we've all learned a big lesson here and that lesson is that James Cameron is the king of all movies, and we just love anything he does, right? Right?!!

The short and end of it is this though: AVATAR has already grossed $553M domestically (beating THE DARK KNIGHT's $533M second place spot) and is now only $47M away from beating TITANIC's all-time $600M record (a record I personally didn't think would ever be broken, but what the heck do I know about movies, right?) and might even beat it in the next couple of weeks! In fact, do we dare start asking if AVATAR will now surpass the $700M mark domestically??

BTW, for all those STRIKE BACK-ers who always like to bring up the "inflationary differences"...OKAY, WE GET IT, inflation rises ticket prices, blah-blah-blah, but the same can be said about any record in the world, as the world is always changing, etc... I realize we'll never be able to compare apples to apples, as GONE WITH THE WIND probably sold more actual tickets than any other movie of all-time, but can we stop discussing it every single week? It's a "given", we get it...let's move on already... ;) Oh, and for those people who are dying to know the "real numbers" (with inflation worked into it), check out BoxOfficeMojo's ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION ALL-TIME BOX-OFFICE LIST!! (AVATAR is 26th on that list)

And for those wondering if AVATAR has already beat TITANIC in worldwide box-office, the answer is "no", but it may already have as I was typing out that last sentence as TITANIC sits at $1,840,000,000 billion, while AVATAR is now at $1,836,000,000 so another measly $7M and it's the record holder. Pish-posh.

Oh, but there are other movies on the box-office charts to discuss, you say? Oh yeah!! So LEGION actually scored a 2nd place finish and some pretty solid numbers for a film that didn't look like "all that", but something tells me that it might not hold on to those big numbers for long. Thankfully for everyone, the Rock and his lame-looking THE TOOTH FAIRY scored "meh" numbers with a 4th place opening and about $15M. That combined with the box-office bomb that was Jackie Chan's THE SPY NEXT DOOR might finally convince these action stars that it's time they back to their roots and stop chasing the paychecks, at least for a few years. The only other new film this week was something called EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES starring Indiana Jones himself, but thankfully it also tanked pretty big, with a 7th place finish and $7M (sorry but that movie felt like it should have been made-for-TV or something).

The 3 films that were knocked out of the top 10 to make room for the new releases included LEAP YEAR ($23M), THE BLIND SIDE ($234M!!!) and the surprising UP IN THE AIR ($70M) -- I just thought with all the amazing buzz, awards and the "George Clooney factor", it would have made a lot more money, but I think its buzz has died down somewhat at this point.

Next week sees the release of only 2 new movies although they both might possibly dethrone AVATAR after 6 weeks at the #1 spot. The first film is WHEN IN ROME, a romantic comedy starring Kirsten Bell and the dude who's married to Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Sure, it looks pretty lame, but Valentine's Day ain't too far away and "the ladies" might be looking for an alternative movie choice by now. The second and more likely film to beat AVATAR is EDGE OF DARKNESS starring Mel Gibson, whose last screen role was in 2003's THE SINGING DETECTIVE. This film has greater chances because it's a straight-forward action movie and looks pretty damn intense. Gibson's films also used to open "pretty big", so it'll be interesting to see where he's at, in terms of "star power", after the debacle that became his life after his drinking/driving arrest, etc... So what movie do you think will be #1 next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Avatar $ 36 Million $ 552.8 Million
2. Legion $ 18.2 Million
3. The Book of Eli $ 17 Million $ 62 Million
4. The Tooth Fairy $ 14.5 Million
5. The Lovely Bones $ 8.8 Million $ 31.6 Million
6. Sherlock Holmes $ 7.1 Million $ 191.6 Million
7. Extraordinary Measures $ 7 Million
8. Alvin and the... $ 6.5 Million $ 204.3 Million
9. It's Complicated $ 6.2 Million $ 98.7 Million
10. The Spy Next Door $ 4.8 Million $ 18.7 Million




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