Weekend Box-Office: July 16-18, 2010


Inception turns things upside down...

It's always nice to see an original piece of filmmaking receive the praise that it deserves from critics & fans alike (so far, 21 reviews on Movie Fan Central with an average rating of 9.2/10 and 172 comments with a 97% positive rating), but even nicer when that film can bring in big dollars at the box-office, because as per Hollywood's rules, they like "copycat" successful movies, so maybe INCEPTION's great opening starts a new trend that features more original filmmaking instead of rehashes, sequels and remakes?? We can only hope.

INCEPTION was the #1 movie this past weekend, making $60M in its first three days of release while at the same time becoming Leonardo DiCaprio's biggest opening of all-time, after the $41M that SHUTTER ISLAND opened with earlier this year. Director Christopher Nolan, on the other hand, holds the record for the biggest opening of all-time (that would be for a little film called THE DARK KNIGHT, which opened with $158M back in 2008), but should still be pretty satisfied with this great opening for a film that might've been deemed too cerebral for mass audiences. INCEPTION had the 7th biggest opening of the year so far.

It's also nice to see the #1 and #2 movies on the charts come from wholly original ideas, as opposed to the constant remakes and TV shows being made into movies these days. DESPICABLE ME, last week's #1 movie, only lost about 40% of its audience from last weekend and has already grossed close to $120M in its first 10 days of release.

Walt Disney and the Jerry Bruckheimer gravy train finally seem to have slowed down this summer, as their first release, PRINCE OF PERSIA, became one of the summer movie season's first disappointments, and now THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE has bombed, making only $17M in its first weekend of release (the film apparently cost about $150M to produce). I'm still not exactly sure why Disney seems to have so much confidence in director Jon Turtletaub, whose only real successes have been the NATIONAL TREASURE movies, which to me, weren't that great in the first place. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he was high school buddies with Cage back in the day? Either way, it looks like very little about APPRENTICE interested audiences, including the over-abundance of CGI and Cage's latest goofy hairpiece.

As for the rest of the top 10, it's interesting to note that TOY STORY 3 is now the #1 highest grossing movie of the year so far, while ECLIPSE is still about $32M behind NEW MOON's final gross. Despite pretty solid reviews, PREDATORS dropped like a rock this past weekend, going from 3rd to 7th place and losing 72% of its audience! That said, the film only cost $40M to make and has already made $40M domestically alone, so it's still considered a success. The two films to drop out of the top 10 this week include CYRUS ($5M) and the underachieving THE A-TEAM ($75M).

Next weekend sees the release of only one new film (might afford INCEPTION more time to spread the word about its awesomeness) entitled SALT and starring the always sexy Angelina Jolie. In case you hadn't heard yet, the original script had Tom Cruise starring in the lead role, but he thought it might be too close to his Agent Hunt character from the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies, so he dropped out, only to be replaced by Mrs. Brad Pitt. So do you think you'll be checking into SALT? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Inception $ 60.4 Million
2. Despicable Me $ 32.7 Million $ 118.4 Million
3. The Sorcerer's... $ 17.4 Million $ 24.5 Million
4. Eclipse $ 13.5 Million $ 264.9 Million
5. Toy Story 3 $ 11.7 Million $ 362.7 Million
6. Grown Ups $ 10 Million $ 129.3 Million
7. The Last Airbender $ 7.5 Million $ 114.8 Million
8. Predators $ 6.8 Million $ 40.1 Million
9. Knight & Day $ 3.7 Million $ 69.2 Million
10. The Karate Kid $ 2.2 Million $ 169.2 Million




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