Weekend Box-Office: July 2-4, 2010


No surprise. Eclipse makes lots of $$$.

This weekend was all about two things: ECLIPSE getting all sorts of press and THE LAST AIRBENDER getting all sorts of negative reviews. Now that most of the hooplah is over, let's see what the results were. First of all, ECLIPSE made $68.5M on Wednesday alone!! You'd think that was a record, but NEW MOON actually made $72.7M when it opened last year, making ECLIPSE the second-best opening-day haul ever.

The odd thing is that by the time the weekend came around, most teen girls had probably already seen the movie, so it "only" made another $69M over the entire weekend (about the same amount as Wednesday alone), giving it $161M in total, which landed it in 7th place on the all-time list of 5-day openers (about $3M less that NEW MOON's first 5 days). THE DARK KNIGHT still maintains that record, having made $204M in its first five days of release. Comic book geeks beat Twi-hard geeks! ;)

Surprisingly, THE LAST AIRBENDER, which got verbally raped by many critics and fans alike, still managed to gross over $40M over the weekend, and has made close to $60M since it was released on Thursday (the film apparently cost $150M to produce). TOY STORY 3 finally dropped out of the top spot after a couple of weeks there, and is now close to becoming the 2nd highest-grossing Pixar movie of all-time (it's made $289M so far, while UP sits in 2nd place with $293M). The #1 Pixar movie of all-time is FINDING NEMO with $340M. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on TOY STORY 3 busting that record this summer as well.

No major surprises in the rest of the top 10, although it did finally manage to surpass the same time period from last year, as total revenues came in at $193M this past weekend, up 19% from July 4th weekend last year. Most of that money came from the top of the list though, which was top-heavy this weekend, with the #8 through #10 spots barely generating $1M each, which is pretty rare to see. The two films to get knocked from the top 10 this weekend included KILLERS ($45M) and THE PRINCE OF PERSIA ($88M).

Next weekend sees the re-release of the 1978 musical-movie GREASE starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (love that movie!) but with some kind of "sing-a-long" scam that goes along with it (limited release). The film most of us JoBlo-ers are looking forward to, of course, is PREDATORS, which finally opens in theaters next Friday. And finally, kids and families will continue to be appeased by this summer's films with yet another animated film which opens next week entitled DESPICABLE ME. So when you think you'll be checking out PREDATORS? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Eclipse $ 69 Million $ 161 Million
2. The Last Airbender $ 40.7 Million $ 57 Million
3. Toy Story 3 $ 30.2 Million $ 289 Million
4. Grown Ups $ 18.5 Million $ 77.1 Million
5. Knight & Day $ 10.2 Million $ 45.5 Million
6. The Karate Kid $ 8 Million $ 151.5 Million
7. The A-Team $ 3 Million $ 69.1 Million
8. Get Him to the Greek $ 1.2 Million $ 57.4 Million
9. Shrek Forever After $ 0.8 Million $ 232.2 Million
10. Cyrus $ 0.8 Million $ 1.5 Million




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