Weekend Box-Office: July 30-August 1, 2010


The Nolan train keeps on truckin'....

It must've been a great 40th-birthday party for director Christopher Nolan this past week, as his latest film INCEPTION continued its box-office dominance, remaining in the top spot for a 3rd weekend in a row (a rarity during the summer months) and ballooning its total close to the $200M mark, after only three weeks of release. The film only lost about 35% of its audience from last weekend, which is also a pretty remarkable number, after so many weeks of release. As we've already mentioned before, it seems like more and more people are going to see the film again and again, leading to consistent growth.

DESPICABLE ME is also doing really well, as it too closes in on the $200M mark after one month of release. The film only cost about $70M, so it's already a grand success for its lead voice-actor Steve Carrel, who seems to have made a good decision in quitting TV's "The Office" after this season, as his newest comedy release, DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS, also opened pretty well in 2nd place this weekend (only $4M behind INCEPTION), giving Carrel 2 hit films in the top 4 this weekend. That's what she said!

The other two new releases of the weekend, CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF THE LONG TITLE and CHARLIE ST. CLOUD, both opened decently in 5th and 6th place respectively, but certainly didn't generate enough box-office or critic praise, to write home about. The $12M opening was especially disappointing for the CATS & DOGS sequel, since it cost close to $90M to make, and since its first film had opened with $21M back in 2001 and finished with $200M worldwide. I guess that's what happens when you wait 9 years to create a so-called sequel, which is probably just a money-grab.

Last week's #2 movie, SALT, also continued its merry way this weekend, adding another $20M to its total, which is now at $71M after only 10 days of release. TOY STORY 3 also continued on its awesome way, adding a mere $5M to its total, but closing in on the top 10 grossing movies of all-time! (it's now in 11th place, only $4M behind TRANSFORMERS 2 and $5M behind SPIDER-MAN). The 3 films to get bounced from the top 10 this week include RAMONA AND BEEZUS ($16M), PREDATORS ($50M) and THE LAST AIRBENDER ($127M). The third feature in the TWILIGHT franchise, ECLIPSE, will likely be kicked out of the top 10 next week, and doesn't appear as though it will beat it predecessor's record of $296M in domestic revenues.

Next weekend sees the release of one of the movies I've been looking forward to the most this summer entitled THE OTHER GUYS, from the team that brought us ANCHORMAN, TALLADEGA NIGHTS and STEPBROTHERS. The film stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, along with hottie Eva Mendes. The only other big release is for STEP UP 3-D, which is a friggin' dance movie in 3D! I repeat, a friggin' dance movie in 3D, folks. Is this where 3D jumps the shark? That aside, what's your take on THE OTHER GUYS? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Inception $ 27.5 Million $ 193.3 Million
2. Dinner for Schmucks $ 23.3 Million
3. Salt $ 19.3 Million $ 70.8 Million
4. Despicable Me $ 15.5 Million $ 190.3 Million
5. Cats & Dogs:... $ 12.5 Million
6. Charlie St. Cloud $ 12.1 Million
7. Toy Story 3 $ 5 Million $ 389.7 Million
8. Grown Ups $ 4.5 Million $ 150.7 Million
9. The Sorcerer's... $ 4.3 Million $ 51.9 Million
10. Eclipse $ 3.9 Million $ 288.2 Million




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