Weekend Box-Office: July 9-11, 2010


Despicable Me tops Predators...

Universal Pictures' first foray into 3D animation has already turned into a huge success, as DESPICABLE ME killed its box-office competition this weekend, making $60M in its first three days of release, which ain't too shabby when you consider that the film apparently only cost $70M to produce. So yeah, I think it's safe to assume that DESPICABLE YOU, the sequel, will be greenlit any minute now (that's not the real title, btw). Go minions!!

The film that much of our audience checked out and adored this weekend (more MOVIE FAN CENTRAL reviews HERE), PREDATORS, also opened with decent numbers in 3rd place, with about $25M, which also bodes well for that franchise, as the film only cost about $40M to put together. Can you we expect a PREDATORS 2? (although the PREDATOR movie titles will start to get a little confusing at that point) For those scoring at home, the original 1987 PREDATOR movie opened with $12M and ended up making $60M when all was said and done.

Last week's #1 movie, and the current "talk of the town", ECLIPSE, managed only a drop of 49% from last weekend massive opening, which is pretty impressive on its own, since it shows that the film still has some "legs", despite having already grossed $237M in the first 12 days of release (it currently sits in 4th place on the 2010 top-grossing movies list). Looks like it will definitely surpass the franchise's previous record-holder, NEW MOON, which made $296M last year.

The rest of the top 10 also made quite a few dollars, as the real summer movie season finally looks like it's taking off, as films like TOY STORY 3, GROWN UPS and even KNIGHT & DAY only lost 27%, 14% and 25% of their audiences from last week, respectively. Even M. Night Shyamalan's mucho-maligned THE LAST AIRBENDER has already surpassed the $100M mark, after only 10 days of release. Not bad for a movie that most everyone was shitting on! I don't think we'll see any sequels anytime soon (as Shyams seems to believe), but then again...stranger things have happened in Hollywood (note the success of certain Pauly Shore movies back in the early '90s).

But let's not forget to discuss one of the biggest events of the weekend, which is that TOY STORY 3 became 1) the highest-grossing movie of 2010 after only 4 weeks of release and more importantly, 2) the highest-grossing Pixar movie of all-time!! Who woulda guessed it! The film crossed the $340M mark this past weekend, which puts it $1M ahead of 2003's FINDING NEMO. Congrats to all of the awesome people who work at Pixar. Easily one of the most successful movie production houses of all-time!

The two films to get knocked out of the top 10 this weekend included GET HIM TO THE GREEK ($60M) and SHREK FOREVER AFTER ($233M) which despite making all that money, was the least successful of all the SHREK films -- SHREK: $267M, SHREK 2: $441M, SHREK 3: $322M.

Next weekend sees the release of two major summer releases including Nicolas Cage's latest hairpiece in THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (directed by Jon Turtletaub!!), which opens on Wednesday, and the movie that we've all been waiting for (seriously, no joke), Christopher Nolan's awesome looking INCEPTION starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Our editor-in-chief Mike Sampson saw the film recently and awarded it a 10/10. So how much $$$ do you think INCEPTION will make next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Despicable Me $ 60.1 Million
2. Eclipse $ 33.4 Million $ 237 Million
3. Predators $ 25.3 Million
4. Toy Story 3 $ 22 Million $ 340.2 Million
5. The Last Airbender $ 17.2 Million $ 100.2 Million
6. Grown Ups $ 16.4 Million $ 111.3 Million
7. Knight & Day $ 7.9 Million $ 61.9 Million
8. The Karate Kid $ 5.7 Million $ 164.6 Million
9. The A-Team $ 1.8 Million $ 73.9 Million
10. Cyrus $ 1.4 Million $ 3.5 Million




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