Weekend Box-Office: June 11-13, 2010


"Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...!"

We're six weeks into the 2010 "summer blockbuster season" and so far, only 2 films have managed to break the illustrious $100M mark, and even then, they are two movies that pretty much everyone in the world expected to break that mark, since they were both sequels to extremely popular franchises (IRON MAN 2 - $299M so far and SHREK FOREVER AFTER - $210M so far). Not one other movie has been able to scrounge up $100M this summer. Yup, so far, so bad, boys and chicks.

This week's big winner will definitely be surpassing that amount though, as the remake of THE KARATE KID managed a massive $56M opening, which was $30M (!!) more than the 2nd place finisher THE A-TEAM. Since KARATE KID only cost about $40M to make, the film is already highly profitable and will likely mean more sequels and more money for the "Will Smith clan". The A-TEAM's mediocre numbers were disappointing for a film that was slated as one of this big summer action flicks, and even moreso for a movie that cost $110M to make. Maybe next summer we can see a remake of GYMKATA versus the big-screen version of THE FALL GUY? A man can dream.

In defense of THE A-TEAM, the reviews posted on MOVIE FAN CENTRAL so far give the film an average of 9/10, despite the film getting laced by most traditional critics. Despite SHREK FOREVER AFTER topping the charts for the past 3 weeks, and managing another $15M this weekend, the fourth installment of the SHREK series is still the least prolific of the franchise, as it's still trying to catch the original film's total, which made the least money of the films so far, with $267M -- SHREK FOREVER AFTER is currently at $210M, but remember that next weekend marks the release of TOY STORY 3, the Pixar juggernaut that will surely dwarf Shrek's figures.

The rest of the top 10 didn't offer much to discuss, although SPLICE had the biggest drop at about 61%, GET HIM TO THE GREEK has already made most of its budget back ($40M) and IRON MAN 2 is on the cusp of surpassing the $300M mark, which would make it only the second movie of the year to do so. It also doesn't look like the sequel to SEX AND THE CITY will surpass the original's box-office total of $153M, as it currently sits at around $85M and is dropping like a rock. The two films to drop out of the top 10 this week included ROBIN HOOD ($99M) and LETTERS TO JULIET ($47M).

Next week sees the release of one of the biggest movies of the summer, one which topped most of our internal staff's "JoBlo.com Box-Office Summer Contest" lists, and one which our podcast host Jim Law is totally stoked about (if you don't believe me, check out THIS PICTURE of his kids, yo!). The film is called TOY STORY 3 and if you haven't heard of it, you are not a big movie fan. The other release may be considered "counter-programming" but from what I hear, feels more like a "dump" as JONAH HEX has been receiving some pretty bad buzz so far, and the fact that the studio isn't screening it for critics (a la KILLERS), is generally another bad sign (my oh my, what will Megan Fox do after this?). But I guess the really big question of the week is: how much $$$ do you think TOY STORY 3 will open with next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. The Karate Kid $56 Million
2. The A-Team $26 Million
3. Shrek Forever After $15.8 Million $210.1 Million
4. Get Him to the Greek $10.1 Million $36.5 Million
5. Killers $8.2 Million $30.7 Million
6. Prince of Persia:... $6.6 Million $72.3 Million
7. Marmaduke $6 Million $22.3 Million
8. Sex and the City 2 $5.5 Million $84.7 Million
9. Iron Man 2 $4.6 Million $299.3 Million
10. Splice $2.9 Million $13.1 Million




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