Weekend Box-Office: June 18-20, 2010


Best Pixar opening...ever!!!

TOY STORY 3 was the 11th Pixar movie and it was the 11th Pixar movie to open at the #1 spot. Not too shabby. Oh, it also became the highest-grossing opener for Pixar of all-time, with $109M in its first three days, which shattered the old THE INCREDIBLES record, which stood at $71M. Of course, this film benefited from the ol' 3D trend as well, as 60% of its revenues were derived from 3D screens. For those wondering where the film places in terms of "largest openings of all-time", it's actually in 10th place on the overall list, which is headed by THE DARK KNIGHT ($158M), SPIDER-MAN 3 ($151M) and NEW MOON ($143M). In terms of animated movies, only SHREK 3 opened with more scratch, with $122M and in 6th place on the overall list.

Last week's #1 movie, THE KARATE KID (which already has a sequel planned, natch!), continued on a good pace, sticking around in 2nd place while adding another $29M to its coffers, which have already surpassed the $100M mark (oh and did I mention, the film only cost $40M to produce?). THE A-TEAM also didn't drop as horribly as we might have imagined, and is actually picking up some great reviews on MOVIE FAN CENTRAL (10 reviews with an average rating of 8.4/10). Maybe the positive "word of mouth" pushes the film into profitability? (unlike KARATE KID, this film cost $110M to put together).

I'm not sure how PRINCE OF PERSIA managed the smallest drop of the weekend (losing only 18% of its audience from last week), but it added another $5M to its total this week, bringing its grand total to $80M, which is still pretty far off from the film's cost of $200M. GET HIM TO THE GREEK, on the other hand, has already made a profit, as it closes in on the $50M mark, while only costing $40M to produce.

As for Megan Fox's most recent film, JONAH HEX, well, let's just say that I'll be very curious to see what other big "commercial movie offers" Fox gets after this bomb, as well as JENNIFER'S BODY from last year (not to mention her getting dumped from TRANSFORMERS 3). I guess she didn't learn anything from the Katherine Heigl debacle, eh? Never a smart move to take shots at the people who make you what you are, girlfriend. Never believe your own hype. Talent and looks are one thing, but LUCK is also a major factor in Hollywood, and when you're taking potshots at those who've helped you achieve your success, somehow I don't think others will see you as a potentially great candidate for their next project. There are a ton of "pretty faces" in California.

The two films that got knocked from the top 10 this week include SEX AND THE CITY 2 ($90M) and SPLICE ($15M). It's to note that the original SEX AND THE CITY movie made $153M, and the sequel apparently cost about $100M to produce. Thankfully, I would assume that this disappointing sequel will put the kibosh on any probable sequels, at least in the short-term. Or maybe they'll "re-boot" it with 4 high school sluts or something...

Next week, we've got an early release for KNIGHT & DAY, the film starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, which will be opening on Wednesday, as well as the awful looking GROWN UPS, which will open on Friday and tank, in my humble opinion. I wish Sandler and the boys had spent more time working on that movie's script, rather than all of the promotion they've been doing for the film over the past few weeks. And I'm still waiting for Chris Rock, whom I adore as a stand-up comic, to be in a really really good movie one day! Still waiting. This week's question is pretty straightforward: Which movie would you rather see next week, KNIGHT & DAY or GROWN UPS? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Toy Story 3 $ 109 Million
2. The Karate Kid $ 29 Million $ 106.3 Million
3. The A-Team $ 13.8 Million $ 49.8 Million
4. Get Him to the Greek $ 6.1 Million $ 47.8 Million
5. Shrek Forever After $ 5.5 Million $ 222.9 Million
6. Prince of Persia:... $ 5.3 Million $ 80.5 Million
7. Killers $ 5.1 Million $ 39.4 Million
8. Jonah Hex $ 5.1 Million
9. Iron Man 2 $ 2.7 Million $ 304.8 Million
10. Marmaduke $ 2.7 Million $ 27.9 Million


Extra Tidbit: So far, we have 8 TOY STORY 3 reviews on Movie Fan Central and 7 of them give the film 10/10, while the other review gives it 9/10. Like wow!



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