Weekend Box-Office: June 25-27, 2010


Toy Story 3 continues its romp...

Despite the release of 2 very high-profile new summer movies this past weekend, it was Pixar's TOY STORY 3 that kept chugging along in the top spot, adding another $59M to its total, which now stands at $227M after only two weeks of release. It has already beat the entire box-office total for the original TOY STORY ($191M) and will likely beat TOY STORY 2's total by next weekend ($246M). It will also surpass this year's other big animated movies like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON ($215M) and SHREK FOREVER AFTER ($229M) in the next few days. Pretty friggin' remarkable!

As for the other 2 high-profile movies, it was Adam Sandler and his crew which managed a surprisingly great opening in 2nd place with $41M, despite getting laced by most critics as a 'meh' effort all around (although in Sandler's defense, none of his comedies have ever been critical darlings). The film turned into Sandler's 4th biggest opening of all-time behind THE LONGEST YARD ($47M), ANGER MANAGEMENT ($42M) and BIG DADDY ($41.5M).

On the other hand, Tom Cruise would have loved that sort of opening for his film, KNIGHT & DAY, which disappointed with a 3rd place finish and only $20M over the entire weekend (since it was released on Wednesday, it managed another $7M since then). The film is Cruise's worst action movie opening in 20 years! (in 1990, DAYS OF THUNDER opened with $15.5M)

Many suspect that audiences have grown tired/annoyed by Cruise's off-screen antics over the past few years, although MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 did open pretty nicely in 2006 ($48M), after much of his zaniest behavior. Since then though, LIONS FOR LAMBS opened with $6M, VALKYRIE with $21M and now KNIGHT & DAY with $20M. I personally don't think that Cameron Diaz helped as his co-star, since she's not exactly the "hottest thing in town" these days either. It will be interesting to see how much KNIGHT ends up with when all is said and done, since the film cost about $107M to put together. Maybe international audiences still adore the star unconditionally?

Overall, summer box-office revenues are down 5% compared to last summer's record-breaking pace, while attendance is down about 11%. I personally believe this drop is mostly been due to a lack of quality films so far, but we'll see how those averages rise next weekend as the Twi-Hards hit theaters.

Next weekend is usually the "biggest weekend of the summer" (and subsequently, the biggest weekend of the year!), but I'm personally not too impressed with the two major releases coming out. The first one isn't targeted toward our readers, as the third installment of that kooky vampire/romance franchise TWILIGHT entitled ECLIPSE hits theaters on Wednesday, and the next day, M. Night Shyamalan releases his first "family movie" in THE LAST AIRBENDER, which has been receiving decent notices so far, but again, isn't really targeted to our audience (read JimmyO's positive write-up about his viewing HERE).

Seeing as this might be the biggest week at the box-office though, we figured that we'd ask specific $$$-related questions for both new movies, so let us know HOW MUCH YOU THINK "ECLIPSE" WILL MAKE NEXT WEEK (5-day opening) and HOW MUCH YOU THINK "THE LAST AIRBENDER" WILL MAKE NEXT WEEK (4-day opening)? PS: Inception, Predators, Inception, Predators, Inception, Predators...!!!

1. Toy Story 3 $ 59 Million $ 226.6 Million
2. Grown Ups $ 41 Million
3. Knight & Day $ 20.5 Million $ 27.8 Million
4. The Karate Kid $ 15.4 Million $ 135.6 Million
5. The A-Team $ 6 Million $ 62.8 Million
6. Get Him to the Greek $ 3 Million $ 54.5 Million
7. Shrek Forever After $ 2.9 Million $ 229.3 Million
8. Prince of Persia:... $ 2.8 Million $ 86.2 Million
9. Killers $ 2 Million $ 44 Million
10. Jonah Hex $ 1.6 Million $ 9.1 Million




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