Weekend Box-Office: June 4-6, 2010


Shrek #1 for 3rd week in a row. Yawn.

No offense to Nikki Rocco, head of distribution for Universal, who when asked about this summer's "slumping" revenues replied, "Everybody is talking to me about that, and I don't have an answer." but.....Huh?!?!?! Didn't you notice that most of the "big movies" this summer are shitty quality and being dissed by film critics and audiences alike? Only 1 of the top 6 movies this week have a positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes (GET HIM TO THE GREEK) while 7 of the top 10 have negative ratings (i.e. not recommended!). In fact, even IRON MAN 2, one of the three films in the top 10 with a positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes received mostly lukewarm reviews from fans, who were expecting a lot more in the sequel, yet received much of the same as the original.

Now I'm not saying that whatever critics say goes, but they are usually a pretty decent barometer and so far, it seems like most of their negative reviews of films such as SEX AND THE CITY 2, PRINCE OF PERSIA, KILLERS, MARMADUKE, ROBIN HOOD, etc..., are being echoed by audiences as well. I'm also pretty sure that audiences are sick of seeing their ticket prices always going higher and higher, while the studios continue to find different ways of making money from their movies.

All this is currently being discussed because May figures were sluggish at best, while the Memorial Day weekend numbers were the lowest in 17 years! Hulllllo! And you don't have an answer? I have 2 answers: shit movies and high ticket prices. Voila. See, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

As for this week's top 10, despite 4 new movies entering the fray, SHREK FOREVER AFTER remained in the top spot for the 3rd weekend in a row, even though it will likely be the SHREK movie that finishes with the least amount at the box-office (SHREK: $267M, SHREK 2: $441M, SHREK 3: $323M). GET HIM TO THE GREEK finished in 2nd place with about $17M, and was the only film in the top 6 with positive reviews. Whether that will translate into ongoing box-office success is yet to be determined, but last year THE HANGOVER opened with $45M during this exact same weekend.

KILLERS also made a surprising $16M, despite not being shown to critics, but did receive plenty of negative reviews once it was released (check out our very own JimmyO's 2.5/10 review HERE). But most of all, I think we should all thank our lucky stars that MARMAFUCKINDUDE only managed $11M and a 6th place opening and didn't pull a "Chipmunks" on us, otherwise we'd have to look forward to many MARMADUKE sequels including one in which he certainly would pair up with the Chipmunks to mess up those CATS & DOGS.

SPLICE was the worst opener of the 4 new films, in 8th place and only $7M in receipts, but the film only cost $30M, so hopefully their losses (if any) won't be too substantial. IRON MAN 2 continued to add dollars to its bank account, but is still about $42M behind ALICE IN WONDERLAND as the #1 movie of 2010 so far. The biggest drop of the weekend was for SEX AND THE CITY 2, which lost 60% of its audience from last week, which tells us that women as just as smart as men when it comes to deciphering and ignoring bad quality product. The 4 films to get knocked from the top 10 this week included DATE NIGHT ($95M), JUST WRIGHT ($20M), HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON ($214M) and MACGRUBER ($8M).

Next week sees the release of two more "major summer movies" including the remake/re-imagining/unoriginality of THE KARATE KID starring Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan, as well as the cinematic reincarnation of TV's THE A-TEAM starring a bunch of macho guys and...Jessica Biel (although you wouldn't know it by the film's trailers). Since we assume that THE A-TEAM will be the #1 movie next weekend (then again, you never know!), the poll question to you this week is: How much $$$ do you think THE A-TEAM will open with next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Shrek Forever After $ 25.3 Million $ 183 Million
2. Get Him to the Greek $ 17.4 Million
3. Killers $ 16.1 Million
4. Prince of Persia:... $ 13.9 Million $ 59.5 Million
5. Sex and the City 2 $ 12.7 Million $ 73.4 Million
6. Marmaduke $ 11.3 Million
7. Iron Man 2 $ 7.8 Million $ 291.3 Million
8. Splice $ 7.5 Million
9. Robin Hood $ 5.1 Million $ 94.2 Million
10. Letters to Juliet $ 3 Million $ 43.3 Million




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