Weekend Box-Office: May 14-16, 2010


Iron Man remains #1 despite drop-off..

IRON MAN 2 lost close to 60% of its audience from last weekend, but it still managed to hang on to the #1 spot at the box-office, due to a disappointing opening from Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD, which apparently cost about $155M to make, but only managed to recoup about $37M of that over its first weekend of release. HOOD also managed another $74M around the world, so at least it broke the $100M barrier during its first weekend of release.

IRON MAN 2 is already at the $212M mark after only 10 days of release, which is about $34M more than where the original IRON MAN was at the same point in 2008 ($178M). It's to note that the original film ended up making $318M when all was said and done. IRON MAN 2 is now the 2nd highest grossing movie of 2010 so far, behind ALICE IN WONDERLAND's $331M, which I finally caught over the weekend and thought was dogshit, even though I usually love Tim Burton films. Too much CGI, lame-ass plot. First 30 minutes was good.

The other 2 new releases of this past weekend also didn't fare too badly with Amanda Seyfried's LETTERS TO JULIET scoring a decent 3rd place opening with about $14M. I personally can't tell the difference between that film and DEAR JOHN or THE LAST SONG from earlier this year, but then again, I don't have a vagina, so maybe that's the issue there. Queen Latifah and fellow rapper Common acted like lovers in JUST WRIGHT, which also managed a decent opening in 4th place and about $9M.

The 3 films to get booted from the top 10 this week included DEATH AT A FUNERAL ($41M), BABIES ($4M) and THE LOSERS ($23M) which the producers of THE A-TEAM are hoping doesn't mean their own "ragtag action team flick" will also suffer the same fate. The film that lost the least amount of its audience from last weekend was HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (-23%) and DATE NIGHT (-27%) which is slowly but surely moving closer to the $100M mark (it currently sits at $87M).

Next week sees the release of two big new "summer movies" including the 4th (and hopefully final!) installment of the SHREK series entitled SHREK FOREVER AFTER. The franchise has been uber-successful so far, although its revenues dropped from movie#2 to movie#3 (SHREK: $268M, SHREK 2: 441M, SHREK 3: $323M). The other film opening next weekend is the big-screen debut of the SNL character MACGRUBER starring Will Forte and Kristen Wiig. Our very own editor-in-chief Mike Sampson caught the film at SXSW and said that it was a blast. For this week's poll question though, how much $$$ do you think SHREK 4 will generate domestically? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Iron Man 2 $ 53 Million $ 212.2 Million
2. Robin Hood $ 37.1 Million
3. Letters to Juliet $ 13.8 Million
4. Just Wright $ 8.5 Million
5. How to Train Your... $ 5.1 Million $ 207.8 Million
6. A Nightmare on Elm... $ 4.7 Million $ 56.1 Million
7. Date Night $ 4 Million $ 86.7 Million
8. The Back-Up Plan $ 2.5 Million $ 34.2 Million
9. Furry Vengeance $ 2.3 Million $ 15.1 Million
10. Clash of the Titans $ 1.3 Million $ 160.2 Million




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