Weekend Box-Office: May 21-23, 2010


Shrek 4 disappoints despite #1 finish?

Despite finishing atop the box-office charts this past weekend, with $73M, the fourth installment of the SHREK franchise managed to decrease its opening weekend total from $108M for SHREK 2 and $121M for SHREK 3 (the original SHREK only opened with $42M, but ended up making $267M). Granted, $73M is nothing to sneeze at, but like most franchises in Hollywood, the idea is to keep making more and more money, and in this case, it appears as though the green ogre's money-train might be ending with this latest chapter.

It's to note that this latest installment apparently cost $165M to make, so the film really needs to keep churning out the big bucks, in order to make that up, at least domestically. Some say that the high cost of movie tickets is also to blame for this drop for the SHREK franchise.

The other "summer movie" to open this past weekend was MACGRUBER, which apparently didn't capture anybody's interest with a lowly $4M in its opening weekend. Luckily for the SNL-ers behind it, the film apparently only cost $10M to produce, so at least nobody is going to lose their shirt over the disappointing flick. Oh and another movie simply entitled KITES also opened in 10th place with about $1M. I hadn't heard of the film until a few minutes ago, but seeing as its also known as BRETT RATNER PRESENTS KITES: THE REMIX, I'm not surprised that the movie never crossed our radar.

As for the rest of the top 10, IRON MAN 2 remained strong in 2nd place, with another $27M added to its total, which is now over the $250M mark. If it continues on this pace, it may beat the original film's $318M finish. The 3 films to get booted from the top 10 this week include THE BACK-UP PLAN ($36M), FURRY VENGEANCE ($16M) and THE CLASH OF THE TITANS which is presently the 4th highest grossing movie of 2010 so far, with $161M.

Next week sees the release of 2 possible summer blockbusters including the return of those sex-crazed ladies from New York as SEX AND THE CITY 2 hits the big screen, as well as the debut of the latest attempt at a "videogame turned into a movie" entitled PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley and plenty of CGI. How much money do you think PRINCE OF PERSIA will generate next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Shrek Forever After $ 71.3 Million
2. Iron Man 2 $ 26.6 Million $ 251.3 Million
3. Robin Hood $ 18.7 Million $ 66.1 Million
4. Letters to Juliet $ 9.1 Million $ 27.4 Million
5. Just Wright $ 4.2 Million $ 14.6 Million
6. MacGruber $ 4.1 Million
7. Date Night $ 2.8 Million $ 90.7 Million
8. A Nightmare on Elm... $ 2.3 Million $ 59.9 Million
9. How to Train Your... $ 1.9 Million $ 210.9 Million
10. Kites $ 1 Million




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