Weekend Box-Office: November 12-14, 2010


Megamind beats all newcomers...

Despite 3 new films opening this weekend, it was last week's #1 movie, MEGAMIND, which managed to remain in the top spot. The majority of our readers had forecast SKYLINE as the first place movie in last week's poll, but even then it was by a slim margin over MEGAMIND. One thing everyone was right about was how badly MORNING GLORY would fare (only 2% of you had predicted it to be the #1 movie this weekend), as it opened in 5th place with less than $10M despite starring Harrison Ford, Rachael McAdams and Diane Keaton (not to mention, mostly decent reviews).

MEGAMIND is going strong due to a couple of factors including the lack of family films in theaters these days, as well as the positive word of mouth among movie-goers. The film had the smallest drop from last weekend, losing only 35% of its audience. The two biggest drops in this week's top 10 were for Tyler Perry's FOR COLORED GIRLS and the "last" SAW film, SAW 3D, both of which lost approximately 65% of their audiences from last week.

Tony Scott's latest collaboration with actor Denzel Washington, UNSTOPPABLE, managed their greatest tally of positive reviews from film critics, with 86% of them agreeing that it was a great movie to check out according to Rotten Tomatoes. The film managed only a 2nd place opening, but considering the great word of mouth, it might have "legs" all the way through Thanksgiving. Surprisingly for me, it was Tony Scott's 2nd-highest opening ever behind 1987's BEVERLY HILLS COP 2 ($26.3). I'm surprised because I always thought that Scott's flicks opened well, but I'm even more surprised that Tony Scott directed BEVERLY HILLS COP 2??!?! 

Despite SKYLINE only opening in 4th place with $11.7M, the folks behind the movie are probably stoked as pigs in shit as the two brothers behind the production, the Brothers Strause, apparently brought the film in for under $10M, so one can assume that the film is going to be profitable and then some. Amazing since only about 10% of critics thought it was worth paying for, which was only slightly less than their previous directing gig, ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM (12%). Apparently these guys made cheap (but shit) movies.

The 3 films to get booted from the top 10 this week included SECRETARIAT ($55M), HEREAFTER ($31M) and THE SOCIAL NETWORK ($88M) after 6 weeks in the top 10.

Next weekend sees the release of a "little movie" entitled HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (PART 1) featuring the first part of the last two parts of the popular fantastical wizard franchise. Part 2 of the finale will open next summer, July 15, 2011. In terms of counter-programming, Lionsgate will also be releasing the latest Russell Crowe thriller, THE NEXT THREE DAYS, featuring Elizabeth Banks as Crowe's wife being held in jail for a murder she might not have committed. Crowe's last 2 thrillers didn't fare so well at the box-office with BODY OF LIES scoring only $39M, while STATE OF PLAY made only $37M. That aside, the big question this weekend is about how much $$$ you think the latest HARRY POTTER installment will open with next weekend? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Megamind $ 30.1 Million $ 89.8 Million
2. Unstopppable $ 23.5 Million
3. Due Date $ 15.5 Million $ 59 Million
4. Skyline $ 11.7 Million
5. Morning Glory $ 9.6 Million
6. For Folored Girls $ 6.8 Million $ 30.9 Million
7. Red $ 5.1 Million $ 79.8 Million
8. Paranormal Activity 2 $ 3.1 Million $ 82 Million
9. Saw 3D $ 2.8 Million $ 43.5 Million
10. Jackass 3D $ 2.3 Million $ 114.7 Million




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