Weekend Box-Office: November 26-28, 2010


Potter squeezes by Tangled...

Even though the latest HARRY POTTER movie remained in the #1 spot this week, a few hundred thousand dollars in front of the latest Disney animated film entitled TANGLED, we'll only know the "real results" tomorrow, since today's figures are just "estimates", so TANGLED may be the #1 movie once the "actual figures" are announced on Monday. Stay tuned for that. But for now, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 is continuing to beat all records, as it becomes the highest-grossing POTTER film after 10 days of release (the previous record-holder was HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE which had made $201M...the latest film has made $220M in its first 10 days). It has also grossed an additional $390M outside the United States, which brings its grand total to $610M worldwide after only 10 days of release. Wow!

TANGLED also surprised many people with a massive opening this week, as the film has already grossed close to $70M since opening on Wednesday. Industry forecasts were expecting something closer to $40M. It also became the 2nd biggest Thanksgiving debut ever with $49M, which was behind only TOY STORY 2 which had opened with $57M back in 1999.

The other three new releases of the week didn't fare as well with BURLESQUE beating the other two with $12M over the weekend and $17M since its release on Wednesday, while LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS made only $10M over the weekend and $14M since Wednesday and the Rock disappointed with FASTER in 7th place in its opening weekend, with only $9M over the weekend and $12M since its release the day before Thanksgiving. I'm not convinced that FASTER "bombing" was due to the Rock or the film's quality though, as many are pointing out that this time of year isn't ideal for "male oriented action films" as the 3 family oriented films in the top 3 will attest.

The 4 films to get drop-kicked from the top 10 this week, in favor of the newest releases included FAIR GAME ($6M), FOR COLORED GIRLS ($37M), RED ($86M) and SKYLINE ($20M). All the other films that remained in the top 10 this week, didn't lose much of their audience from last weekend, in fact, they had some of the smallest drops of the year with MEGAMIND losing only 20% of its audience from last weekend and UNSTOPPABLE seeming just that, losing less than 10% of its audience.

Next weekend sees the release of only 1 new film, so it looks like most of the studios are happy to keep pushing this week's new releases. The new release is entitled THE WARRIOR'S WAY, an action-fantasy-western (that's right) starring Kate Bosworth (remember her?), Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston and Tony Cox (the midget from BAD SANTA). Quite an eclectic cast, wouldn't you say? If you haven't seen this film's trailer yet, check it out over HERE. So with only that one film opening next week, we figured that we'd focus our poll on HARRY POTTER this week, specifically about which of the HP films is your favorite? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Harry Potter and... $ 50.3 Million $ 220.4 Million
2. Tangled $ 49.1 Million $ 69 Million
3. Megamind $ 12.9 Million $ 130.5 Million
4. Burlesque $ 11.8 Million $ 17.2 Million
5. Unstoppable $ 11.7 Million $ 60.7 Million
6. Love and Other Drugs $ 9.9 Million $ 14 Million
7. Faster $ 8.7 Million $ 12.2 Million
8. Due Date $ 7.3 Million $ 85 Million
9. The Next Three Days $ 4.8 Million $ 14.6 Million
10. Morning Glory $ 4 Million $ 26.5 Million




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