Weekend Box-Office: September 24-26, 2010


So greed is still good...?

Despite 3 new movies opening wide this past weekend, and 6 others opening in limited release, it was the sequel to the 1987 drama WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS (pal) that took the #1 spot with $19M bucks. The original WALL STREET opened with $4M and ended up grossing about $44M when all was said and done (read my review of the original movie HERE). The second place movie this weekend was the "owl movie" from director Zack Snyder (I won't call it by its real title because that title sucks ass), which generated about $16M, of which 72% came from 3D viewings. The film cost about $80M to produce and was apparently viewed as the first release in a movie franchise. With those numbers though...maybe not.

The weekend's 3rd wide release, YOU AGAIN, starring Kristen Bell and Betty White (yeah, you read that correctly) didn't so well with only $8M over its first three days of release. I like Bell, but with recent choices like WHEN IN ROME, YOU AGAIN and BURLESQUE as her foray into movies, I'm not sure she's gonna have much of a career unless she starts to choose her upcoming projects more wisely.

Out of all the limited releases, it was THE VIRGINITY HIT that was released in the most theaters (700), but it was also the film that garnered the least gross-per-theater with only a measly $439/per theater. Alternatively, films like YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER and WAITING FOR "SUPERMAN" made $27,000 and $35,000-per theater respectively. BURIED also made an impressive $9,500/per theater, but since it was only released in 11 theaters, it only grossed about $100,000 overall. Either way, that does bode well for that film's wider release in the coming weeks.

The three films to get booted from the top 10 this week (and no, INCEPTION was not one of them -- the film has now been in the top 10 for 11 weeks in a row) included THE OTHER GUYS ($116M), THE AMERICAN ($35M) and MACHETE ($26M). The biggest drop in the top 10 this week came from RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE which dropped 51% of its audience from last weekend, while last week's #1 movie THE TOWN, lost the least amount of its audience, as it dropped only 33% from last week and has already grossed close to $50M in the first 10 days of its release (I caught the film recently and you can read my review HERE).

Next weekend sees the release of the first October "horror movie" (many more to come) which is the remake of the amazing LET THE RIGHT ONE IN entitled LET ME IN. The other big movie opening next weekend comes from one of our favorite directors of all-time David Fincher, who decided to bring his talents to the world of Facebook, in a dramatic fictionalized recreation of some of the events behind the creation of THE SOCIAL NETWORK. And for anyone who wants to remember what Renee Zellweger looked like in 2006, along with then-nobody-actor Bradley Cooper, CASE 39 is finally seeing the light of day, with its release next weekend. The film was shot over 3 years ago and its director, Christian Alvert, has already shot 2 other movies since then (one of them, PANDORUM, was released last September). So how much money do you think THE SOCIAL NETWORK will open with next weekend? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Wall Street: Money... $ 19 Million
2. Legend of the... $ 16.3 Million
3. The Town $ 16 Million $ 49.1 Million
4. Easy A $ 10.7 Million $ 32.8 Million
5. You Again $ 8.3 Million
6. Devil $ 6.5 Million $ 21.7 Million
7. Resident Evil:... $ 4.9 Million $ 52 Million
8. Alpha and Omega $ 4.7 Million $ 15.1 Million
9. Takers $ 1.7 Million $ 54.9 Million
10. Inception $ 1.2 Million $ 287.1 Million


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