Weekend Box-Office: September 3-5, 2010


The American vs The Mexican!!

This weekend's grosses aren't anything to write home about, but it was interesting to see a slow-burning "thriller" entitled THE AMERICAN going mano-a-mano against the Mexploitation fun that was MACHETE. Who would come out on top was anybody's guess according to the close figures on Friday, but now that the weekend is almost done, it appears as though Clooney's charms (and abs) were able to secure the #1 spot, with close to $2M more than Robert Rodriguez's latest Mexican adventure (and yes, that's despite Lindsay Lohan showcasing her boobage in the film).

Surprisingly, it was last week's #1 movie TAKERS, that managed to snag the #2 spot, about $200k in front of MACHETE, although that might change when the actual figures are announced soon. The biggest drop-off from last weekend came from THE LAST EXORCISM, which isn't a huge surprise since most horror movies tend to drop severely during their 2nd week of release. The weekend's 3rd new release, GOING THE DISTANCE, opened in 5th place with about $7M. The 3 films to get knocked out of the top 10 this week include THE SWITCH ($21M), PIRANHA 3D ($22M) and VAMPIRES SUCK ($32M), three films that were only released 3 weeks ago. Yipes, that was fast!

Since there isn't that much more to say about this weekend's movies, allow me to post this summer's overall top box-office grossers, since we can officially call it a summer now.

1 Toy Story 3 408M
2 Iron Man 2 312M
3 Eclipse 299M
4 Inception 277M
5 Despicable Me 240M
6 Shrek 4 238M
7 The Karate Kid 176M
8 Grown Ups 159M
9 The Last Airbender 131M
10 Salt 115M
11 The Other Guys 107M
12 Robin Hood 105M
13 Sex and the City 2 95M
14 The Expendables 92M
15 Prince of Persia 91M
16 The A-Team 77M
17 Knight & Day 76M
18 Dinner for Schmucks 71M
19 Eat Pray Love 69M
20 The Sorcerer's Apprentice 62M

The biggest surprises for me include how much money THE KARATE KID, THE EXPENDABLES and DESPICABLE ME made, and how little SCOTT PILGRIM made ($29M), despite so many positive reviews. I was also a little surprised to see Bruckheimer's two films perform so badly (PRINCE OF PERSIA & SORCERER'S APPRENTICE), but then again, neither film looked particularly good from the outset. What did you consider to be the biggest surprise of the summer? VOTE HERE!!!

Only one big release next weekend and it's for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the man behind the original RE film, starring his wife Milla Jovovich and the very lovely Ali Larter. Joaquin Phoenix's I'M STILL HERE will also be opening in limited theaters, so it'll be interesting to see whether that whole thing was a worthwhile lark or not....

1. The American $ 12.9 Million $ 16.1 Million
2. Takers $ 11.5 Million $ 37.9 Million
3. Machete $ 11.3 Million
4. The Last Exorcism $ 7.6 Million $ 32.5 Million
5. Going the Distance $ 6.9 Million
6. The Expendables $ 6.6 Million $ 92.2 Million
7. The Other Guys $ 5.4 Million $ 106.9 Million
8. Eat Pray Love $ 4.9 Million $ 68.9 Million
9. Inception $ 4.5 Million $ 277.1 Million
10. Nanny McPhee Returns $ 3.6 Million $ 22.4 Million




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