Weird Science again?

Wow, the Moviehole cats have the buzz today on all the remakes and sequels that may either thrill or depress you (GOONIES 2 and GREMLINS 3!! -- but direct to DVD?). Another case in point: a planned remake of the 80s teen comedy WEIRD SCIENCE.

Apparently the fun flick that made sexy Kelly LeBrock a household name (for about two years) is currently on the block for a redo, and Universal has a writer named Johnny Rosenthal working on it. Although the film had a spinoff syndicated TV series that ran five seasons in the 1990s, the suits are convinced there's still fresh material to be mined from the concept of horny young guys creating their dream girl. Or at least it's an excuse to have bands like Fall Out Boy cover the kicky Oingo Boingo theme song...

Hey, as long as they get Vernon Wells to return again as his ROAD WARRIOR biker, I'm game. No word yet on who they might seek to replace the taut bod and pouty lips of LeBrock, but my advice? I have to concur with the request from Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Rusler in the original: "Bigger tits."
Extra Tidbit: Actor Lee Tergesen, perhaps best known as inmate Beecher on HBO's series "Oz", replaced Bill Paxton as Chet on the TV show.
Source: Moviehole.net



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