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Chris Pine, seen to the right wearing an almost ridiculous amount of plaid, is in talks to reteam with STAR TREK writers/producers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman in...a drama? While TREK launched Pine into an aura of action movie superstar, the actor will return to his dramatic roots with WELCOME TO PEOPLE, a film that will also mark the directorial debut of Kurtzman (who wrote the script with Orci).

In the film, Pine will star as a man who must deliver half of an inheritance to his long-lost alcoholic sister. After finding her, he gets involved in the life of her trouble 12-year-old son. Previously Rachel McAdams was rumored to be attached to the role of the alcoholic sister with Meryl Streep also potentially involved in the cast as well but they no longer are involved with the project.

The film is based on an old script Kurtzman cooked up over six years ago before the duo hit it big with genre films like TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK and the upcoming COWBOYS & ALIENS.

Before you get too upset that Pine is leaving his muscles behind, he can be seen this fall alongside Denzel Washington and a giant, speeding train in UNSTOPPABLE, is in talks to star as Jack Ryan in Paramount's reboot, and, oh yeah, STAR TREK 2.

Extra Tidbit: "We've gone plaid!"
Source: THR



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