Welcome to the 3D renaissance! James Cameron says that 3D will replace 2D

"In the year 2000. In the year 2000!"

Sorry to throw Conan O'Brien into the mix, but every time the future of technology or really the future of anything gets brought up, I immediately think of that skit.

Here's some news that I'd like to get your opinion on:

James Cameron made interesting little comments about our movie viewing future saying that the definite stay of 3D could come "in a couple of years,” but “definitely less than the 25 years it took color movies". We've been through different stages in how we watch movies from talkies to color to high definition. Also remember that this isn't the first go around for 3D. The 50s and 80s took a dip into the three dimensional craze. Then Cameron brought it back with AVATAR.

When choosing between seeing a film in the traditional 2D or 3D, Cameron said, “Quite simply, where they had a choice, the audience was selecting for the best possible way to see the movie. And they saw 3-D as the premium viewing experience.” Dude, everyone saw your movie in 3D because we were promised stunning visual effects. I haven't been promised that from any other film. ALICE IN WONDERLAND tried to butter me up, but it just didn't work out.

Cameron calls this new dawn of movie viewing the "3-D renaissance". He says the biggest problem is not with development of 3D televisions (Samsung and Panasonic are already selling 3D TVs), but with the lack of 3D content to watch. The director stated that he will personally dedicate himself to helping the industry adopt 3D without creating a backlash from consumers. Cameron was also asked about the possibility of 3D streaming films on the internet, "3-D laptops are already here. I’ve already seen some very good ones.”

The talk ended on a sequel to AVATAR, which he said will take 3 years. An announcement on the date for the second installment is going to be made in a few months.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of the "year 2000" sketch (now it's 3000), here's my favorite. The one with Jeff Goldblum comes in a very close second.



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