Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach possibly teaming up for another film?

The Playlist got a chance to speak with filmmaker Noah Baumbach (GREENBERG, THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, KICKING AND SCREAMING) and it seems the writer/director has hinted at a possible new project with friend and sometimes-collaborator Wes Anderson (co-writers on THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU and FANTASTIC MR. FOX).

Baumbach tells The Playlist, "Wes and I do have another... I dunno if you'd call it a partly written script — but it's a partly written story, ideas and scenes that we have been talking about for a long time."

He continues, noting that the idea is something the two have been bouncing back and forth since before THE LIFE AQUATIC: "It's becoming kind of an ongoing document of our friendship, it's something we keep adding to every time we see each other. At least once or twice [when we meet up] they'll be something that cracks us up that we'll go, 'Oh, that should go into the script,' but I 'm not necessarily sure if we'll end up finishing it. In some ways it's more fun to just add to it."

The Playlist also got this quote out of Baumbach that I thought was amusing: "The problem of the modern age of IMDB and Internet sites and its great and all, but you say something too loudly and suddenly its on your resume and you're answering to it."

It's absolutely true, and myself and others are responsible for that kind of thing (and I suppose that when you're posed with mandates to write a certain number of stories daily, you sometimes have to write about whatever you can find). So with that in mind, note this "potential project" instead as a mere "hopeful possibility".

Baumbach is currently rewriting TOWER HEIST for Brett Ratner. His film GREENBERG starring Ben Stiller is set to open in limited release on March 26.
Extra Tidbit: The 1997 film HIGHBALL, starring Justine Bateman, was written by "Jesse Carter" and directed by "Ernie Fusco"... both pseudonyms used by Baumbach.
Source: The Playlist



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