Wes Craven to begin shooting Scream 4 in the spring

The horror sequel that no one asked for has been greenlight and will begin filming this spring. No, not SAW VIII. And no, not HALLOWEEN 3 either. SCREAM 4 will begin filming next month with Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox all reprising their roles from the first three films. Wes Craven will direct from a script by Kevin Williamson.

What exactly the plot of SCREAM 4 is remains to be seen but it's noted that the starring trio will be joined by a group of younger actors. I'm gonna guess that some of the new characters are related to Campbell's Sidney (a cousin maybe?) to allow for some kind of link.

I remember the original SCREAM film fondly but never connected at all with the subsequent sequels. This fourth film seems like an obvious cash grab and I'm surprised Craven is taking part. Wasn't he the guy who was furious with Dimension over how they treated him on CURSED? Why does he think this experience will be any different?

SCREAM 4, which I can almost guarantee will be in 3D, already has a release date of April 15, 2011. Will you be there?

Extra Tidbit: SCREAM only made $6 million in its opening weekend. Doesn't it seem like it was more successful than that?
Source: Variety



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