West is Jigsaw

After numerous rumors on who would be playing Jigsaw in PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, Dominic West (300) has officially won the role. West joins the cast along with Wayne "Newman" Knight who'll play Microchip, the chubbier, geekier version of James Bond's Q. Ray Stevenson has already signed on to replace Thomas Jane as Frank Castle/Punisher who dropped out after concerns about the script. I don't know what there is to provide any kind of optimism for this project other than blind hope that maybe director Lexi Alexander will find it in her to make a decent PUNISHER film. But considering the producers involved made the abysmal first PUNISHER film, I don't hold out much hope that they can put it together to make a decent one this time around. Filming is scheduled to begin next month right in our backyard in Montreal so don't think for a second we won't be keeping a close eye on this one.

Extra Tidbit: West played a Palace Guard in THE PHANTOM MENACE.



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