Weta heads Home

HomeYou might know the name of FX company Weta from their work on small films like... well, Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS and KING KONG.

But they'll bring the scale down a few notches for an indie horror flick called THE HOME. The story takes place at a secluded rehab home, where a recovering firefighter slowly realizes that the elderly residents aren't just making up tall tales about being stalked by nightmarish monsters. The filmmakers' intentions are to bring the beasts to life with practical FX.

The project was originated by a pair of regulars from fellow fansite Ain't It Cool, namely writer Eric Vespe ("Quint") and director Kristoffer Aaron Morgan ("Kraken"). Looks like Quint made some lasting and valuable relationships during his New Zealand visits to check out Weta's past works-in-progress. Score another one for the internets!

Speaking of home, it sounds like the project is currently in search of one -- it's being shopped to production companies for the finances to make it a reality. Having Peter Jackson's FX company involved probably won't hurt its chances... Find out more details about the project over at Bloody Disgusting.

Extra Tidbit: Weta also did some work on THE LEGEND OF ZORRO and THE WATER HORSE. Hey, they're not all gems.



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