Weta's Justice League

Weta Workshop has been recruited to design the costumes for the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie. "They are doing all the costumes and they're doing a brilliant job," Barrie Osbourne, a producer on the film told the Dominion Post. Weta Digital might also be brought in, depending on the studio's commitments to other projects. This is probably good news, since Weta are badass. You'll have seen their work in stuff like the LORD OF THE RINGS movies and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. But really, how good could these costumes be? They could be fashioned from an intergalactic alloy and be made up of topless pictures of Scarlett Johansson and I'm pretty sure that they still wouldn't be able to save this film. JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA is to be directed by George Miller (HAPPY FEET, MAD MAX) and was written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney. Casting is yet to be confirmed, but it's sounding like Adam Brody (TV's The OC) for the Flash, Armie Hammer (TV's Desperate Housewives) for Bats, and Scott Porter (TV's Friday Night Lights) for Supes. Common is apparently to play The Green Lantern, who will babysit them until their parents get home from work.
Extra Tidbit: Hopefully Weta Workshop and Weta Digital will pool their talents and come up with costumes made out of the same stuff that the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE guys use, and make Armie Hammer look like Christian Bale and Scott Porter look like Brandon Routh.
Source: Dominion Post



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