What about Voltron?

I was a Transformers nerd as a kid. I had no room for GoBots, Robotech or Voltron. I was monogamous with Optimus Prime so I'm not itching with excitement over the VOLTRON movie. But for those who love lion-based robots, the film was put into turnaround by Fox-based New Regency (JUMPER, MIRRORS), which would normally be bad news. But the good news is that Relativity Media (DEATH RACE, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) is in talks to pick up and finance the project though on a much smaller scale. Word is that they plan on slashing the budget by using the now-popular 300-style of filming (heavy green-screen). Justin Marks (HE-MAN) wrote the latest version of the draft that follows five survivors of an alien invasion who find and man lion-shaped robots to help fight off the aliens. I can just hear the pitch now: "It's TRANSFORMERS meets CLOVERFIELD meets INDEPENDENCE DAY!" What's your take? Can Voltron work on a smaller budget? Can Voltron work, period? Is a GoBots movie far off?

Extra Tidbit: My parents accidentally got me GoBots one Christmas and I was SO bummed.
Source: Variety



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