What are the Golden Schmoes?

The short answer to that question is, "The Golden Schmoes" are the awards given out to winners of the JoBlo.com Movie Awards, an awards presentation which has the categories chosen by you, the movie fans, the nominations, chosen by you, the movie fans, and the winners, chosen by you, the movie fans.

The longer answer is that ever since 1998 (when JoBlo.com first saw the light of day), I have been bitching about how the "professionals" in the movie industry, generally have much different tastes than your average movie-goer, and how the politics, money and studio meddling are turning the Oscars and Golden Globes into big jokes, having more to do with what fashion label the stars are wearing before the festivities, than the actual movies that people enjoy watching.

Many visitors to the site agreed and bitched alongside me until this year, when it was decided that it was time for all us, to put our money where our mouths were and organize our own JoBlo Movie Awards!

My whole reason for starting to write reviews in the first place many years ago, was to provide folks with a different point of view from those churned out by the typical same "movie critics", most of whom consider their responsibilities as a "job" and went about it in a very cold, pretentious and journalistic manner (not to mention that most of the space in their reviews was dedicated to outlining the plot of a film, for some reason, and that they were all pretty much in the same demographic (white males between 40-50 anyone?). I write my reviews because I love movies, it's as simple as that. And even after over 1000 film reviews, I still love them and almost always find myself genuinely excited to see the next film on my list.

The same concept could be applied to "The Golden Schmoes" which were established from that same perspective. Regular folks like you and me, major movie fans, people who don't mind admitting to liking a film simply on the basis of "entertainment value" every now and then (oh gosh!), who got sick and tired of watching movie award shows that almost never gelled with their own interest in movies.

The Golden Schmoes are for movie fans! The categories are chosen by you, the nominations are chosen by you and the winners are chosen by you as well. Let's hope that this becomes an annual get-together and that it ultimately reaches a lot more people who want to share their love of movies with the rest of us.

Schmoe: n. A person just like you and me with an opinion about a film which is just as worthy as any "professional" movie critic.

Source: JoBlo.com



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