What Did You Think? Give us your Jonah Hex review!

Rarely do two movies as polar opposites as TOY STORY 3 and JONAH HEX open on the same day. The former is a critically beloved animated film that families are going to flock to this weekend. The latter is a critically reviled comic adaptation that's about 73-minutes long. While TOY STORY 3 has a 100% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, JONAH HEX is hovering around a 12% rating and might be one of the worst rated films of the year.

But we don't just want you guys to post reviews of movies you might like (i.e., TOY STORY 3). We also want to hear when you don't like a movie. And we'd want to hear if you were pleasantly surprised by JONAH HEX. Whatever the case, we'll be leaving the Strike Backs open all weekend so you can post your review of JONAH HEX. Please keep your reviews spoiler-free and remember not to insult any other readers for their opinions.

While you're here you can check out this interview with Josh Brolin from the 2009 Comic-Con!

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